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How we can help

Finding and appointing senior individuals at world-class educational establishments can be a difficult and sensitive task. Chamoun Hart believes in a tailored approach adapted to the needs of your organisation.  You will be offered an initial consultation to help determine which of the following options is best suited to the needs of your organisation:


Full Executive Search

The most complete and rigorous way of ensuring the placement of talented individuals who will make a strategic difference to your organisation.  



A full executive search may not be suitable to a short time scale or limited budget.  The Shortlist service contains all the elements of a full search up to the presentation of the longlist which we whittle down together to a shortlist.  This is particularly convenient for mid-level roles.


Career Advice

If you are thinking of relocating to the Middle East, or combining your teaching and research with an academic leadership role, or both, we are happy to talk you through the implications of such decisions. 




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